Who We Are

Our focus at Louna is on smart design and quality fabrics so you can feel your absolute best. Whether you are sleeping, yogaing, netflixing or doing absolutely nothing at all, each piece is designed to make you feel comfortable, beautiful and most of all confident.

Louna Loungewear was born from the realisation that in creating quality loungewear, we can not only assist in helping women feel beautiful and confident, but also make a difference in our community through supporting a worthwhile cause.

Our Vision

Through one of our founding members who work with a local charity assisting domestic violence shelters, we learned of the staggering amount of people forced to leave their homes under heartbreaking circumstances, often with only the clothes on their back.

We believe everybody deserves to feel safe and supported, and we want to assist the groups that dedicate their time to those in need. Louna commits to contributing 20% of our profits to our charity partners to help them with the incredible work they do. Read more about our commitment here.


Our mantra is that if we don’t have an absolute standout product, we have nothing.

At Louna, we invest a great deal of time in ensuring that our product is thoughtfully designed, creating a high quality, multi-purpose product that makes you feel your absolute best. Whether you are sleeping (our favourite activity), yogaing or lounging, our products are designed to be comfortable and durable.

We use only fabrics with natural, environmentally friendly sourced fibres as well as only naturally sourced dyes in all our pieces.

Our primary fabric is bamboo, known for its many beneficial qualities such as:
• Antibacterial
• Highly absorbent
• Insulation - it keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter
• Hypoallergenic
• Considered one of the most sustainable fabrics available

Our Footprint

Louna Loungewear is ethically sourced, ethically made and ethically conscious. We want our products to have positive impacts, not negative ones.

Along with the fabric we use, we have ensured that all aspects of the supply chain have been thoroughly considered to offer a sustainable, minimal impact solution. Each piece arrives from the factory in a Hero Packaging garment bag which is 100% compostable (including being Australian certified home-compostable and industrially compostable) meaning it is ready to be returned to the earth once its life it complete and there is zero waste. Our goal for sustainability is maintained right down to how we package and deliver your piece of Louna with each piece arriving in either our No Issue sustainable mailers or gift boxes.